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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson came out with the best selling album in 1985, He was 25 years old . Now itā??s the year 2003 , He has an album many fans donā??t know about heā??s now 44 years old . Michael won the Sony Incident which would make everyone happy to hear especially when I read he won against Sony. I wanted to tell ever one he won the court sessions. I was so happy. But then again itā??s very sad to know Michaelā??s album isnā??t selling . I know there is Michael fans out there my point in making this web page is to persuade all Michael fans and none fans to buy Michaelā??s new CD Invincible and maybe it will sell like thriller did in 1985 cause if itā??s the year 85ā?? or 03ā?? Michael will always rock my world . I hope Michael will make it to the bill boards please buy his new CD Invincible. %Invincible Tracks % Track one: unbreakable% Track two: heart breaker % Track Three: Invincible% Track four: break of dawn % Track Five: Heaven can wait % Track six: YOU ROCK MY WORLD % Track seven: butterflies % Track eight: speechless % Track nine: 2000 watts % Track ten: you are my life % Track eleven: privacy % Track twelve: donā??t walk away Track thirteen: cry % Track fourteen: the lost children % Those are the Tracks on Michaelā??s new CD Invincible Please purchase Michaelā??s new CD Invincible Please Iā??m begging you all buy it cause it will ROCK YOUR WORLD like it Rocked mine so please buy it if you already have Michael will probably like to thank you very much.

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