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I Stole Michael Jacksons Garbage at 15
I was staying in CA with my cousin for awhile & her Dad brought us to MJs house in Encino, so we get hopefully meet him or see him. The first time we went, there was a crowd of fans outside the gate. I remember some lady saying how she's MJs girlfriend & how she was just inside the gate the other day. Yeah......she must have thought I was an idiot   Read More...
(13678 Votes)

Newest Story
Update from Kayla :)
December 19th, 2022 Omg I missed this site. I remember when I wrote so many stories on here back in 6th grade (yes, I was a 6th grader with a big imagination), and I am now 24 years young (soon to be 25 in February). Itís been soooo long since I last been on here, but it feels great to know that this site is still up to this day. It fe   Read More...
(5 Votes)

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