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Michael Jackson Is Da' Man!!!!

MJ Rules! No matter what anyone says, no one will ever top Michael he is so incredible!!

Hi everyone! It's Stephanie again. I haven't made a page in a while and I figured it was time for a new one.There's alot I want to say so get ready for a long page. But I promise it will be worth reading. Ok, first of all I know you all have heard about Michael's 30th anniversary concert. I'm so excited! Even though I can't go I'm going to watch it on TV and record it. Now, Michael has been singing solo for thirty years and the other seven were spent singing with his brothers. I really love Michael! And ain't he just the sexiest man you've ever seen?! I think so. I simply want to praise Michael on this page. We all know he dserves our praise. Michael is the coolest. I mean everything everyone is doing now, he's already done it. And things people nowadays aren't doing yet he's done them too.He's won everyone award a star can win and broken every record. This man is beyond words. He's phenominal,genious,astonishing,creative,imaginative, talented,sweet,generous,ambishious,a perfectionist,simply incredbile! I mean who else has been number one or right there with number one for over 30 years? Answer: Nobody. It's as simple as that.His videos are breath taking and intruiging. After seeing his videos all the other music videos are pathetic. I mean,I'm sure they tried to make an incredible video but once you see Michael's videos nothing is even a milifraction as good as them.And his music, my gosh, it touches our heart and soul, controls your emotions. I mean his music can make you happy,sad,scared,angry (not with him of course),relaxed. Sure you say, lot's of other people's music can do that too.Maybe,but not to the extent that's Michael's music can.And those of you who don't like him keep this in mind, all those other artists that you like, like Michael. It's true. There isn't one celebrity in Hollywood that doesn't like Michael. They all have said they lot him and admire and look up to him.And when asked who their number one choice would be if they could sing or perform with any star, pretty much all said that Michael would be the ultimate. None of them believe any of the stories told about him either. So keep that in mind. Michael has not only outstanding talent, but he has compassion and a kind heart.I mean look at all he does for the children of the world.And no matter what you think of Michael or his personal life,he does have real concerns and he does really care, and would never harm anyone.So if you think he did anything to bad to any kids just let it go, because he was proven innocent and it's not true.Well before I end I want to tell Michael that I love him, and I always will. You Are The King Of Pop Rock And Sould, and everything else. The King Of Music and Dance, Master Of It All.Hey whoever wrote their for their page, that was a great line!Anyway I love you Michael and I'll always be with you. As will ALL your fans! Love Stephanie Stevens

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