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Thanks Little Michael!

A Little Tribute to my First Love

This is the first picture of Michael that I really set eyes on and I was love struck. I was a 13 year-old girl who was quite shy about the subject of boys, but when I looked on and saw Michael big bright laughing eyes,beautiful engaging smile, and observed his amaaaazzziiing talent, I fell head over heels in love and the whole world knew it.He was the first one I began to collect anything and everything i could on the Jackson Five. I know you might think this is silly but I wasn't interested in any other boys except michael. I went J5 crazy, with me and my sister doing the jackson 5 steps and running in the house to watch the Ed Sullivan Show when the Jackson Five appeared, making up j5 games, even calling up radio stations constantly to play there songs. My favorite song was Got to be there and when I first heard it I felt like I was in paradise. I remember when I bought my first Michael Jackson album, I only had 5 cents at first, but I checked couch cushions, pavement cracks, run errands and did chores around the house to get enough money to buy it. I gave the man at the store a big handful full of changed and he chuckled at how determined I was to buy it. Growing up with Michael was a beautiful experience, and he opened up the world of music for me and gave me some wonderful teenage years.So michael wherever yo are, Thanks so much for bein such a big influence on my career and changing my life. Thank you for sharing your beauty and talent with the world. Sugar

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