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the next chapter begins...

It galvinizes many, so sudden it seems that he has reappeard to finish off our dreams. (Or suppose to start new ones?) Smiling up at the skies, we'll make heaven on Earth, for this gift that God's given is pushing rebirth. Though you've always been vibrant and you continued to glow, the seal of their world's thinking didn't know. They were not listening to ideas prioclaimed as many us'd like to, instead we use your name. So now it begins fall in once again, a concert, an album, those are just words, my friend. For no words can speak, this all can agree, what you've brought out in many, with art, out in me. And you've written your history, both normal and rare, we're in awe, all the while we were watching you there, grow up, innosence no evil on thing. Is that why the fans find you so amazing? For dance and song are always new, it's comming prepare, for the life, chapter to. Be at peace Michael, let the world give you what you want it to. You deserve it! Unlike fans of others, we truly do love you as a human being, Michael. -E.b.

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