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Listen to what I think about the one and only Michael Jackson!!!

Get a load of this

Lyrics of my favvvvvorite song... My life will never be the same. Cause girl you came and changed.The way I walk The way I talk. Now I cannot explain.These things I feel for you But girl you know it's true. To stay with me, fulfill my dreams. I will be all you need.Ooh it feels so right. I'v searched for the perfect love all my life.Ooh it feels so right. I've searched for the perfect love all my life. CHORUSx2You rocked my world, you know you did.And everything I own I give. The rarest love who'd think i'd find.Some one like you to call mine. I knew that love would bring. Such happiness to me.I tried to keep my sanity. I've waited patiently. And girl you know it seems.My life is so complete. A love that's true because of you.Keep doing what you do.Ooh it feels so right.I've searched for thre perfect love all my life. Ooh who'd think i'd find. Such a perfect love taht's awesomely so right.CHORUSx2. And girl I know this is love.I feel all the magic in the air.And girl I'll never get enough. That's why I always have to have you here.CHORUSx4.

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