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HISTORY IN THE MAKING >This is a story of a time >When MJ 'the man' first started bust'n his rhymes >Fame first came with the Jackson Five >Their music played and made people jive >Week after Week they would seek >To be the best of the best and reach the peak >Some would say they can't do that >These kids are black they can't do jack >Well I'm sorry chumps of the KKK that God made sure ya didn't have your way >Forgive me people for getting off track it's just the KKK make me go all wack >In 1970 'I want you back' became a number one hit imagine that >Continuing on with the same success hit after hit after hit hit hit >Others tried, but only lost their pride cos when the Jacksonâ??s came they got swept aside >Group after group after group group group >Sending em home to eat their mama's hot soup >But now lets move on to the King of Pop >With his popping and locking he couldn't be stopped >In 79' with 'Off the wall' he topped the charts and beat them all >Then in 82' he wasn't through with his pants 2 inches above each shoe >The album was 'Thriller' a blood and gut spiller >There wasn't an uglier scarier killer >He prowled the dark looking to bite whoever whatever walked in the night >Plus listen to this cos the truth be told over 50 million copies have been sold >Because of Billie jean the chick so keen to get MJ off the pop scene >Now he could have said (just beat it, beat it â?? sing this bit) >But, he didnâ??t >Instead he said the kid aint mine, please/cut back on the wine >He was â??BADâ?? in 87 singing black or white >Not wantin to start fight >But for us to love care and get along >Turned out to be a number one song >And then came dangerous in 91 >Not meaning holdn a gun and shootn people for fun >I mean dangerous to the others out there who say to us that they really care >About music, people and livin life Wrote some more for you MJ...Nearly finished...luv aDaM TRUTH (CALVIN KLEIN)

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