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He Is Quite Simply....MICHAEL JACKSON

Here's to the Man In The Mirror

AS a great woman once said he is the king of pop, rock and soul...but he is so much more.
He is so much to so many, and sometimes that may be a BAD thing. But to me is the heartbeat of the world. To me he is the most celebrated artist in the world ever. Presley...nah! Beatles...overrated Madonna...not worth talking about. No-one has worked harder than Michael, and only he can feel the power and the pain of it all. There is not another artist who has had No1 greatest selling album and 2 and 3, worked for many charities including his own and gave his chilhood to his fans. The press cannot tell a man who has done everything how to do what he wants to do. Michael would kill for his fans and others alike and there are some sick people out there. I myself was having a bad time at school because I love MJ that I could take bruises. I know I am lucky that I did not have the best part of my life taken away as Michaels cruely was.
The real fans such as you or I, have lived through the bad times and never left Michael's thoughts. He loves us all. The real men in the mirrors are the ones who detest Michael Jackson. Those schoolkids, the press those people. The most fragile human being in the world is being torn to shreds by lies, but I will always know I and You all will stick by him and respect and love him, whatever his decisions. He is quite simply....MICHAEL JACKSON.

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