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Heal The World Inspiration 3

Kind Heart

Michael Jackson has accomplished more in 30 years that probably I will ever accomplish. I would like to dedicate this page to his wonderful heart. He is such a kind and giving person. He has donated millions of dollars to helpless children all over the world. He truly believes that if he helps children now that we will have better future generations.
I feel that he believes in the songs he writes. Songs like Heal The World, Man In The Mirror, Cry, and The Lost Children have very strong messages. They tell people that they need to improve themselves and help others in need. If everybody listened to songs like that I think that this world could be a better place.Below I have listed the chorus's from those four songs
(HEAL THE WORLD) Heal the World,Make it a better place,For you and for me and the entire human race,There are people dying,If you care enough for the living,Make a better place for you and for me
(MAN IN THE MIRROR)I'm starting with the man in the mirror,I'm asking him to change his ways,And no message could of been any clearer,If you wanna make the World a better place take a look at yourself and make a change
(CRY)You can change the world,I cant do it by myself,You can touch the sky,Im gonna take somebodys help,Your the chosen one,Im gonna need some kind of sign,If we all cry at the same time tonight
(THE LOST CHILDREN) So this one's for all the lost children,This one's for all the lost children,This ones for all the lost children,Wishing them well,And wishing them home
The songs Privacy, and Leave Me Alone are other examples of songs with strong messages. The media had pushed michael around for years. They have lied and made up roumers about him that just arent true. Tabloid junkees. I mean who has ever heard of bleaching your skin? It doesnt exsist! It is not his fault that he has a disease. And having a pet monkey is not too strange. My next door neighbors have one! I think that it is really cool that he has an amusment park. People should just leave him alone for once. He is a great guy.Below I have listed the chorus's for Privacy and Leave Me Alone.
(PRIVACY)I need my privacy,oh no, yah yah,I need my privacy, yah yah,So paparazzi,oh no, yah yah,Get away from me,Just get away from me
(LEAVE ME ALONE)So just leave me alone,girl,Leave me alone,Leave me alone,girl,Leave me alone,Stop It!, Just stop doggin' me around
Next I would like to talk about Michaels dancing. He has such an incredible dance style. No other performer has ever had a dance style like his. He has to be the best moonwalker on earth. His spins are amazing. Its like Michaels legs are made of rubber. He can also do a robot move too. i think that is so awsome! Nobody could ever dance as good as Michael can. The amazing thing is how many different moves he has. He is 43 years old but he can dance just as good as he always could. Keep dancing Michael!
Michael is an amazing performer with a great heart. He is a living legend that will last forever.
I will try to keep up to date. I will be adding a whole bunch more of stuff.I will make other HEAL THE WORLD INSPIRATIONS so that my site will be listed up at the top of the list. Thanks for looking at my page. Also visit "Inspired By Michael" and "Shy" which I created on the MJSite.

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