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Windows to the past


"They say what doesn't kill you strengthens what remains and no one can see the rainbo with out walking through the rain. rather thats still true today only time will tell cause now we face our darkest hour the day the towers fell" -dedicated to 9-11 ~ writer un-known
So many things have happened in history. Wars have been fought people have died. Some of my friends have died. History takes place for us all as well as Michael Jackson. He won many awards throughout his wonderful career and has had many downfalls. What some people seem to forget is that he is human just like the rest of us. He has feelings thoughts and needs his privacy which is often deprived. I'm not going to go back into a depressing time in Michael's life (93) because its non of our buizness and in the end everyone will come to their own impressions and conclusions anyway theres no stoping it.
What my goal is for this page is to pay omege to the king of pop and my idol Michael Joseph Jackson. Rather you are a die hard fan such as myself or someone who rarely listens to his music we all must agree Michael is like no other. His talents and voice will never be reached by any other star. Yes usher is great. He is a wonderful and very talented artist but to me Michael is now and will always be the best.
When i was in the 6th grade my friend Ryan died from cancer. I think about him every day and miss him more and more. Michael's music helpped me cope with what happened. Ever since i was very very little i have loved Michael and as each day goes on that bond i have with him in my heart grows stronger. I love him for the person that he is. I could never be able to thank you appropretly for the things that he did for me because words wouldnt be able to describe what i truely feel. Days grow shorter as we grow older and time begins to pass by faster though it doesnt seem like it. No matter what happens what is said or what is done i will always love Michael. The emotion in his voice is warming comforting and unconditional.
I want to give some shout outs to My Mjteam members. These people are my second family and i love them all. Michael brought us together and i thank him for that (and no im not crazy lol) First off there is ~siggy~. You are a wonderful friend and a very smart girl. You have everythng going for you. Just reach out and the stars will be yours ~Manda~. You are a wonderful friend and a great person to talk to. We have all grown so close but your like the mother of thee group lol. luv ya girl. ~Pam~ no matter how ya feel about michael you will always be apart of the team. ~Sheryl~ Hey girl! your great and happy belated birthday!!!!!! no i didnt forget i couldnt get on line to wish you it over and over again like i did for michael lol. you are sooo funny and caring. never change ~kate~ we miss you! you need to come on and talk to us more lol. ~Lozzily ~ you are so funny sista! lol your great! and eat yo corn bread lol ~Gem~ we miss you soooo much you wonderful and a great person to talk to love you ~randi~ your great to talk to when you on lol talk to you soon sis. much love ~robbie~ my big brother lol. your very smart and i love to "debate" with you lol.im always ready when you are lol. your one of a kind
You are all so special to me and i wish we could all GET ALONG lol. love you all.
And a very very very big and special thank you to my good friend Jr. without you i wouldnt have been able to make this page or have email. and thank you sooo much for being there when i needed you. you are the best!
*smart coments or quotes* " to my very dedicated fans throughout the world..your love, your caring, your endless support provide nourisgment to my soul and unwavering...together we will heal the world ~michael joseph jackson*
"what one wishes is to be touched by truth and to be able to interpret truth so that one may use what one is feeling and experiencing be it despair or joy, in a way that will add meaning to one's life and will hopefully touvh others as wwell. this is art in its highest form thos moments of enlightenment are what i continue to live for" ~michael jospeh jackson~
i love what i do and i would love people to love what i do and to be loved i just simply want to be loved wherever i go all over the world because i love people of all races from my heart with true affection ~michael joseph jackson~
if you ever want to make thee world a better place take alook at yourself and make the change. i am never totaly satisfied i always wish the world could be a better plaace hopefully you know that what im doing with my music brings happiness to people ~michael joseph jackson~
if you have a quote you would like to see on my page send it to me at my email address and i will put it on my page and give you credit for it. thank you and much love

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