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You Are My Life, Michael

Is He Yours?

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am Michael Jackson's biggest and youngest fan. My life is dedicated to him, or in other words he is my life.% %I am looking for other Michael fans to talk to, so if you are a fan please E-mail me or put me on your AOL IM. My sns are MichaelJJNo1fan, No1MichaelJJfan, and Dolphinmaniac2.% %Some people visit Michael Jackson websites just to insult him. Why anyone would want to insult such a wonderful man is beyond me. Michael is just another human being like you and me, and no human deserves as much humilliation as he has had. If Michael was exactly the same except he wasn't famous at all, he would never have been as humilliated as he is. It's only because he's famous and that is not fair. Maybe he likes to dress the way he dresses, maybe he likes to live the way he lives. It's no one except his buisness on how he lives. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!! I Love You Michael Love Stephanie

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