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Will You Be There

I'll Be There

Dear Michael, When and if u read this, theres just some things id like u to know. iv always wanted to write u, but i dont know how i could. iv liked u ever since i was really young, 2 or 3. my sis is the one person who "got me into u". and thats kinda weird, since she's deaf. she just really likes ur dance steps, and i dont blame her! :) but ever since then, uv always been my fav. singer, and no one could tell me diff. all of ur songs r great, and most r inspiring. i respect u for helping change the world to make it a better place. altho i know some ppl belive that u harm children, but i wont belive it for a sec. some ppl also belive ur gay, which is something that i wont belive. i trust in ur words of what u say, and thats good enough for me. and ill be there for u when u need it. altho u dont know me personally, ill be behind u every sec. altho i may not be able to do something physically, i know i can spiritually. i am a pretty big fan, and iv got my cousin into u too. she used to hate u, but now she likes u ALOT hehe. but, even tho im a fan, i dont think id be crazy when i saw u, altho, how would i know, since i havent ever seen u in a concert and deffinatly not in person. so, i might scream like others, but can we help it? hehe. i wouldnt like to faint tho, cuz then id miss u :( i'm shy like u, and if i ever got to talk to u in person, i wouldnt know what to say, if id say anything at all. so thats why im glad there is internet access so i can express what i think about u. for the other ppl who read this, will u still be there for MJ when others put him down. will u stick up for him? i know i will, ill be there, Michael ill still care. :) maybe uv heard this before, maybe u havent, but id liked u to hear it from me. if anyone would like to email me, go rite ahead, id like to know what u thought of my letter, and other points of view. :)

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