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                                      MICHAEL!   The excitement was over whelming, the time was drawing near, It was just a matter of minutes, before he would appear. My heart was racing fast, My eye`s where close to tears. I`m going to see him again! after almost 5 years.   The music started on the screens, The journey has begun, the countdown has started, the crowd screams on and on. The spotlight shines on the stage, each head turns to gaze, A big explosion, fire and lights, and MICHAEL`S on the stage.   The space rocket has landed, but still he`s not to be seen, the crowd goes into a frenzy, all the fans know what I mean. The door on the space rocket, slowly opens down, the crowd is out of control now, cause the KING is back in town.   The tears started to fall, I couldn`t make them stop. I really couldn`t believe, I was that close to the king of pop. Each facial statement, each wink, each nod each grin. How are ya doin he called out, the crowd answered him.   Scream started the day, followed by numourous songs. It was hard to hear yourself think, because the crowd was singing along. The atmosphere was electric, his voice was out of this world, not to mention his looks and dancing, but I know you dont need to be told.   It was a magical, amazing evening, from beginning to the end, Don`t stay away too long Michael, from Ireland your eternal friend.  

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