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I love you...I love you...I love you...

King of PEACE, LOVE, and HUMANITY...and the world's BEST SMILE!!!

hi.....i am kat age 15 and i just wanna say that i am so sik and tired of all the POOP that is bein sed about michael jackson. it aint funny or good. its hurtful and bad. this man was beetin wen he was a baby ok? show sum mercy. just cuz hes better then every1 dont meen u gotta get meen. here is wat i think michael jackson is feeling and wat his childhood was like..... michael jackson feels very lonly cuz hes got no peepl to talk to... it aint like he can trust anyone cuz all they ever do is betray him. sure i think he relates to boys better but he dont likes them better. he luvs all children, but his father made him stay around his brothers growin up so y wudnt he relate to them better? so he likes kids...wats so rong with that? his nose aint ugly eether OK????!! its the cutest nose in the world. this man has created so much grate music and not to mention happinss in the child as well as the adult. he never had a childhood and tats y he is like a big kid now. he is trying to make up for his lost childhood. u call him wacko? wats wacko is NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. be4 ujuge him try hard to LUV him!!! Dear Michael Jackson, Hi, it's me, Kat. I just wanted to tell you that I support you SOOOOO much. No matter what anyone tries to brainwash me with, I will NEVER EVER think for one second that it's true. It's only true if the person says it. You taught me a valuable lesson in life... That lesson is to "Keep The Faith." People will come around someday... Just "Keep The Faith"... Stay strong. Show them that you really are "Unbreakable." Show them how stupid THEY are and just how SMART and SEXY and ALL THAT and CUTE and FUNNY and HUMANE and LOVING and TALENTED and BREATH TAKING and MAGNIFICENT and AWESOME you are.... I love you. Love always and forever more, Kitty Kat...(Kat) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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