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I saw some old conserts on the net!

Michael, I started to cry!!!!!

A few days ago I saw Michael's old consert's on the net... And some new from Madison Sqare Garden and Washington D C. Man I started to cry!!! Michael tuch my life on a way that I cant explain..Watchim him sing and Dance made me warm and happy! But also soo sad for not beeing in the show...Michael is probably never going back to Sweden to do a consert anymore... that makes me real sad...Becous I want to see him soo badly!! Just one look at him !!! To know that he does not just exist in a TV screen or on a radio station!!I want to see him in personal! I want Michael to know who I am and how much he's Inspired my life!!!! Ok, Im proud of getting the chance to see Michael perform on a TV screen but I want to see more!! Im soo sad for not getting the chance to go to his conserts he had these lates years... But I will try to Keep the Faith and save my money incase Michael does someday come to Sweden and has one of his conserts here!!! The conserts that has inspired me so far is: Michael's 30 th aniversery with The Jackson5 Michael's Motown Special when he sang BILLY JEAN Michael's song to Elizabeth Tailor "Elizabeth I love you" Michael sings "She's out of my life" in Wembley Michael sings "You where there" to Sammy Davids Jr. Michael sings TWYMMF on Grammy Awards 1988 I start to cry when I see those videos!!! Michael looks soo Magical on the scen!!! Like tothing else I've ever seen!!! In our Darkest hour In our Deepest despair Will you still care? Will you be there? In my Trials And my tribulations Trough our doubts And frustrations In my violence In my turbulence Through my fear And my confessioons In my angush and my pain Through my joy and my sorrow In the promise Of another tomorrow I'll never let your part For you'r always in my heart I love you Michael Joseph Jackson

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