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I love Micheal Jackson for two main reasons,he is a sweet and genurous man!

My name is Ginny Naleen and I need people to no why I love Micheal Jackson.

Ok I will start with Music. I love his music. He is awsome. His music is awsome. I have a ddance to every song he has. My dance team dosen't like it but I DON'T CARE!
Now I would like to say something to the press. LAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!Micheal is a good man and dosen't deserve this crap you are doing to him!!!
Now T.V. shows on Micheal. I do not belive anything in those things unless Micheal hosts them himself. Other people could Twist things. Lie .Or make things up.
Now I would like to say something from a kids point of view. I am only 12 and have strong oppionions on this. Micheal didn't have a childhood. So instead he is being a child with his soul. I thnk that he just wants a childhood of his own! Let the guy have one. I also think he is trying to make other children have a good childhood as weel. I strongly belive this! That's why he invites children to Neverland.
To Close I just want everyone to know I love Micheal Jackson and would love to go to Neverland. Meeting my hero (Micheal Jackson) would mean the world to me.

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