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We All Bleed Red

There has been a lot of negative talk about Michael's skin.Some people believe he has a skin diease others don't buy it.Some think his children are "too" white to be his,others don't.I personaly don't care what the situation is.I don't judge Michael and I accept him like he is.I don't see the outside person.It just might be the case that Michael does want to be white and he hates his black roots but if that is so,it doesn't bother me because I am secure in my black race and with who I am as a person.I feel if people are more comfortable looking a certain way than they should do what makes them happy. I see no color.I see the person only and I believe Michael is a beautiful person regardless of what insecuries he may have.He really wants to unite the world through song and it takes a really loving and caring person to want that.Yes,I do believe Michael has had a very troubled childhood which caused him to have insecurities but he has showed wonderful strength through it all and I admire him for that.He has given us great music for about 37 years and his color has nothing to do with his talent. I love him and I totally support him 100% no matter if he's "Black or White".

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