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Joesph Jackson is the worst

Yes And you Know I am right he isnt let me give you all my reasons 1.He had a son named Sigmund Esco Jackson (Jackie) 2.He had 7 boys and 4 girls ONLY 3.His son Marloyn Jacskson had a twin brother Brandon who died after the day he was born (probably cause of Joe face 4.He wasn't there to see Michael be born cause he had to pivk up trash after getting layed off of work for his 8th time ha ha! 5.He would lie to Katherine (wife) where he was taking the boy to sing 6.He molested his to daughters Rebbie and Latoya at night 7.When they were famous he would lockes the boys in there hotels and go out to dinner 8.He would whip his kid for nothing! 9.Once when Latoya had a F he puched her and she had a NOSEBLEED! 10.Once on the rode Jackie had a fan and Joseph mad love to her and he ended up having a daughter,! name Joh Vonnie Jackson 11.He even bought that ugly womn a house three minutes from Havenhurst (the jacksons new masion) and spolied his dumb bunny new daughter! but Katerine followes him to her house and attacked the girl in her drive way 12. he wouldn't or wouldn't let nobody teach Katherine to drive 13.He uses to beat Katherine 14.He never talked to his kids when they got married 15.He fought Jackie when Joe teased his wife Enid 16.He beat up Jackie's wife 17.He teased Michael when he had acne problems 18.He used to beat up pr teased or threatend Michael when all of Mikes bros and sis moved out because they were old enough and Michael didnt move out.(but he moved out when he was 26. OR BETTER YET JOE I DONT THINK NOBODY DHOLD LOVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ANY THING FOR FATHER'S DAY! I BET JOH VONNIE'S FIRST WORD OR SENTENCE WAS "IM GLAD MY DAD ISNT HERE HE SHOLUD LOVE HIS REAL KIDS THAT SCREW BALL!"

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