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Hav U Seen This Man MOOVE!!!!!!!!

dance michael dance set ur feet on fire!

Firstly....there is only one Michael Jackon....there will only ever be one Michael.....he is, and he will always be, the king of pop. He is one of those people that will never and can never be forgotten. His passion for writting, for dancing and singing is always portrayed through all that he does. And the results are beautifull! Unfortunatley people always try and find the bad things inside people....and Micheal seems to get this a lot because of the idol that he is and because he is so amazingly tallented. Obviously people are jelous of his tallent and of the love that he has for children, for the world and for what he does. When people realsise that they cannot be better than Michael they turn against him. They use all that they can to make this good man appear bad. They decide that he is having relationships with children in a way that he shouldnt....obviously this is not the case. He just has a very childlike heart and he loves people...it just so happens that he spends time with children/teens and therefore he is bound to get close to them.
No one has the rite to take away from micheal what they didnt help him to get, and no one has the rite to make anyone feel anything less than special and this goes for Jackson as well....I hope that all of you fans out there apprechiate this page and all of you haters out there...GROW UP!!!!Thankyou xx P.S I LOVE U MICHEAL KEEP GOING!!!

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