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Learn to do the greatest dance move in HIStory!

THESE ARE SOME INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THE MOONWALK! SLIP ON YOUR LOAFERS and find yourself a patch of floor or some sidewalk. Get comfortable. Otherwise, says Shaft, "You could maybe mess up your toes." "Shake out your arms and looooooosen up. Stand with you right foot slightly ahead of your left foot, right knee bent, weight on your right toes. 1. NOW SWITCH that weight to you left toes, bending your left knee. 2. MAINTAINING the pressure on your left toes, slide your right foot back. Drop the right heel when it passes the left foot, but keep on sliding until the right foot is comfortably behind you while still flat. Like it so far? Are you leaning forward? Are you moving backward? After all we are working on an illusion here! 3. BEND you right knee so the weight shifts to the right toes. 4. SLIDE that left foot back, dropping your heel as it passes the right foot. Keep on pushing your left leg back until it's behind you. Comfortable is the operative word here - we don't want any shattered illusions. IF YOU'RE BACK WHERE YOU STARTED we're in business. Let's do it one more time. Switch your weight onto the left toes and start pushing your right foot back again. Don't forget to drop that heel. Nice and easy, there. All together now! Weight shifts to the right toes, push your left foot back, heel drops and keep on sliding. Got it? Of course not! Did you learn to walk on this planet in just four steps? Read, shift, push and slide until your body finally learns the steps. IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU'RE TOO CLOSE because you're still holding the instructions. To arms! Try swinging them with each step, or scrunch up your shoulders, hug your sides and move just your hands. Now find yourself a mirror or a store window and try it. Reflect a moment: Did you ever see a moon walkin'? We think you've got it!

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