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King Of Pop

People always told me Be careful what you do Don't go around breaking young girl's hearts And mother always told me Be careful who you live And be careful what you do Cause the lie becomes the truth Itook my baby on a saturday bang Boy is that girl with you Yes we're one and the same Now I believe in miracles And a miracle has happened tonight But if you're thinkin about being my baby It don't matter if you're black or white You'll never make me stay So take your weight off of me I know your every move So won't you just let me be I've been here times before But I was too blind to see That you seduce every man This time you won't seduce me Tell me what has become of my life I have a wife and two children who love me I am the victim of police brutality, no? I'm tired of being the victim of hate Your rapin me of my pride Oh for God's sake I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy Set me free All I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us! What have we done to the world Look what we've done What about all the peace That you p0ledged your only son What about flowering fields Is there a time What about all the dreams That you said was yours and mine Did you ever stop to notice All the children dead from war Did you ever stop to notice This crying Earth, these weeping shores Have you seen my childhood Im searching for the world that I come from Cause I've been searching around In the lost and found of my heart No one understands me They view it as such strange eccentricies Cause I've been kidding around Like a child, but pardon me People say I'm not Okay Cause I love such elementary things Its been my fate to compensate For the childhood I've never known

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