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Who Loves Michael Jackson

Who loves Michael Jackson Here I do I recon he is the greatest thing alive i wish was still doing concerts in australia cos i really want to see him live.I know all of his songs off by heart and my favourites are Dirty Diana, Ben, Manin the mirror and Come Together but I love them all but then again doesn't every one.I think Michael Jackson is the hottest guy alive he was absaloutly gorgeous in 1988 i think. My favourite movie is moonwalker, MJ was fabulous in it.I recon Michael Jackson should stay King of Pop and not let Justin Timberlake be the next best thing he could never match up to someone as good as Michael. What is so good about Justin Timberlake? NOTHING!!!!!!!!! What is so good about Michael, Well the first reason is that he is here in the first place not including being the best singer in the world and the best dancer and probably the most sweetest person of them all.He has changed the world just by being in it and i thank the lord that he is here.He has got so much confidence and he doesn't care what tabloids throw at him he just ignores them and gets on with his life and so he should because half of the stuff that is in tabloids is rubbish and mainly made up by the press.Michael Jackson will live forever and make the future people happy with his joyful dancing singing and his wonderful selfbeing. I have got a shrine of Michael in my bedroom and my room is covered in posters of him my one and only wish is to be with Michael for etleast a day or two. I wanna marry him one day but i guess i can keep dreaming. Like he's gonna fall for a 13 year old. but hey i am only 13 and i love him to death. i would sacrafice my life for him like many other people probably would. I pray for michael to stay healthy and to not have anymore Plastic surgery because he Probably won't be able to live with himself and then some people unlike myself would probably start thinking he is pathetic with his money and i hope he does sell more and more records to help him stay KOP. Once again Michael Jackson is the hottest guy alive and will probably always will be. Thankyou I LOVE YOU MICHAEL Love Nicola

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