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Michael Jackson- Amazing Dancer, Singer, Entertainer, and INSIPIER

Michael in My Eyes-- When many people think of Michael Jackson, they automactically think negatively of him, but so many of those people are not able to say that they really know Michael. Growing up, the only thing I ever knew about Michael was, of course, that he was some kind of musician, and I also knew of some of the bad things that were said about him. So, I, like many others, began to get a blurry, yet negative picture of him in my head whenever the name would come up. In 1994, "Free Willy" came out on VHS. Before the movie, Michael Jackson sings "Will You Be There". I, not being a movie person, used to put "Free Willy" in just to hear him sing that song, because even at the age of nine, I noticed the outstanding talent that Michael had. This is where my love for Michael began. However, I forgot about Michael after that; I didn't really fully acknowledge his great work. It wasn't until May of 2001 when I began to see Michael through a different light. I began by downloading some of his songs that I was interested in listening to. I downloaded "Smooth Criminal" and "You Are Not Alone". I instantly fell in love with the sound. After that, I began downloading any song that I could find by MJ. I found out much information about him that I was unaware of in the past. In ealy August, I heard that he would be coming out with a new CD, "Invincible". I was siked. I purchased the CD the day it came out, October 30, 2001. I, being a very emotional person, was touched by many of the songs on the album. The words in the songs have so much meaning that people sometimes tend to overlook. I then began buying more of his CD's. I am touched by a great number of his songs. One can tell me that he's gay, or that he dyed his skin, or that he's a girl, but no matter what, I will always respect him. I'm not saying that I disagree with them, but I'm not saying that I agree, either. Regardless of what labels that have been put on Michael Jackson indicate, he has made an impact on me like nobody could ever imagine. He has reminded me that it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. Be yourself, and don't let others get in the way of your dreams. It's fine to be different. Everyone is different from everyone. Michael Jackson reminds me to stand up for what I believe. He has done that, and I will, too. I have always felt that way, but Michael just reminds me, and he shows me that being a non-conformist is alright. It doesn't matter what anyone else wants you to do, you do what you want to do. Michael says, "There's a time when you're right, and you know you must fight". Fight for what you believe in and never give up. Whenever I am down, I can always play a piece by Michael, and it makes everything a little bit better. Michael has inspired and encouraged me in so many ways, and he doesn't even know it. Along with his impact on me as a fan, he also has demonstrated great talent. In my eyes, he certainly is the King of Pop. Michael's style is like nobody else's. I love his great dance moves; it makes me get up and dance with him. I realize that many people look at Michael from the outside and think horrible thoughts, but I look past that, and I see the words in his songs, and it touches me more than anyone could ever imagine. Looks aren't everything; beauty certainly is skin deep. I have met many wonderful people through Michael, and I know that becoming a fan of Michael slightly changed me...changed me for the better. In my eyes, Michael is a great dancer, performer, entertainer, and inspirer. People try to change my mind about that, but I am sticking to what I think, and I won't change my thoughts for anyone. I believe that God has put Michael's work into my life to better encourage me to never stop reaching for my dreams, even if it means going against "the crowd". Thanks, Michael, thanks for the inspiration that you have given to me. I give God all the glory for bringing the work of Michael into my life.-- By: ERICA-- I Love You All.

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