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He Rocks Our World!!!


WELCOME MJ FANS TO MY MICHAEL JACKSON WEBPAGE!!! This webpage contains info on Michael, and links to other Michael Jackson websites!!!
WHO IS MICHAEL JACKSON??? (I'll just give you a recap)Michael Jackson was born in 1958 and is a great talented pop star (also known as the King of Pop)who dances and sings like no other. He has been singing since the age of 5 when he joined his brothers band the Jackson 5 and became famous in America. But in his teens he left the band to continue with a solo career. He produced amazing songs and videos no one has ever seen before, and dazzled people all over the world with his cool dance moves only michael could dance. He then produced a album called 'Thriller' and millions of copies were sold and it soon became the most best selling album, Thriller is still the best selling album today. Later in his life he won Grammy Awards, MTV Awards and much more, and travelled all over the world to preform concerts. His concerts were different to others because he did things in his concerts such as exiting by taking off in a space suit, appearing on stage by surprise and even leaning forward 45 degrees! That still remains a secret today!!! Michael even used his fame, money and heart to help people and children all over the world. And he still is popular with people all over the globe today.
If you haven't heard his new song 'You Rock My World' why not buy the album cuz it also has some other cool songs on it such as Invincible, Unbreakable and Cry.
Thank you for using my Michael Jackson Websites Link Page!!! Have a good time!!!!!!!!!!

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