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Look at this

The day we meet he hugs me with kindness with his black and white sweater i seem to be mindless. I look into his eyes as he says "hi" and i remain there silent and never want to say good-bye. He takes me into the back-yard of the mansion, he is a wonderfull decorator all with passion. The smell of the white walls realx me calmly as i stop shivvering he smiles warmley. I feel very safe now just michael and me no cameras, no action no jam packed t.v. We sit down for lunch as he replies to my questions and sweetley agrees to all my suggestions. He takes me into the evening lit sky and now i know what heavens like when i die. We walk into the pool bubbly and baby blue, he looks at me and says "I LOVE YOU". I sweetly respond with a silent wanted kiss on his neck...and he runs his hands through my hair step by step the night continues, and you know what happends..... the next morning i wake up finding a rose and a note on the bed that said "youll find me in the kitchen" . I walk into the kitchen and what do i see? a heart shaped omlet saying "thank you for loving me" i start to break down crying away he said "whats the matter, you dont feel the same way?" His eyes fill up with clear pure tears as i see loosing me are his only fears. I look into his eyes once again to find him starring back at me with his lips saying "ok then" I shout at him saying "dont you see? this isint real you dont love me!" he responds with "yes is that not what i make it seem?" i reply with a lump in my throught "no michael this is all a dream" soon a wake up with mist in the air oh why would god even dare? to put me in pain and to take away all i want all he seems to do is taunt and taunt. so now i lay here in my bed depressed in sorrow i feel dead i go back to sleep with a sniffle and a weap as i know it will happen all over again...

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