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this is how mike sved me from killing myself

hey guys michael is the best

I never really knew who michael jackson was? I heard of him but never saw pictures, i would think " well they call this dude the KOP and i have no clue why? He is not hot at all!" not knowing what he looked like or who he was. I later found out that most of the songs played on the radio today are by him, still i didint care, he wasent popular in my school, nobody knew him. One night i was baby-sitting my little cousin Devon and he insisted that we watch free willy, i hated that movie but he wouldent stop yellping so i gave in, being myself i tryed to fast foward the preveiws but he then again DEMANDED that we watch them too. When this song came on it said "artist: Michael Jackson" i was like "what? Michael Jackson sings in this video? oh well lets just see who this guy is!" so the song started, it had a catchy tune then i seen him i said out loud "HOLY SHIT THIS GUY IS SOOO SEXY AND DAMN HES GOT A KILLER VOICE, OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE MOVES!" those exact words popped out of my mouth and Devon said "isn"t he kool?" i was like "YES! IVE GOTTA SEE MORE OF THIS GUY!" so i kept rewinding the music video untile devon DEMANDED that we start watching free willy, a while later i got bored of michael, not being smart enough to look up any of his songs i became depressed and slumped back into the low-life misic of EMINEM. The true story of me is that somethings had tradjecly happend in my life at the moment, i will mention how i felt depressed and unhappy, i started lisning to gangsta rap and eminem, before i knew it i was slitting my wrists, cutting my arms, legs and tattoing myself with ink and needles, i also did body piercing on myself(belly button and ears). I was so angry at the world that i didint care anymore if i lived or died. I went to see a counceler for anger managment, that didint help it only lasted 6 monthes, once again i foregot about MJ and devoted my life to Eminem, i went anorexic and i really was on the verge of dieing i had horrible grades but i didint care. I was on my computor one day and i had "will you be there" by MJ, i listned to it and searched for more songs such as "you rock my world" i loved them, but i was still on Eminems side. I thought about 5 moths after that i wanted to see more pics of michael, so i went to a website www.michaeljackson.com , asuming it would have something about him, it was all old stuff, i looked at the pictures and fell in love with his beutiful eyes, i went into a section that alowed me to see videos of him(music videos) such as,(you rock my world, billie jean, remember the time, rock with you, dont stop till you get enough) and many more, i watched them all. Everyday after school and on weekends i would go to his website, look at videos and search for music and other websites. Then for this christmas my parents bought me Invincible and gave me all there c.d.s of him i was soo happy that i foregot about gangsta rap and eminem i let it all go away! i am happy i am free, i am ok my wrists are fine aswell as my skin and belly button! i am ONCE AGAIN FREE! thank you michael you mean the world to me you saved me! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON! P.S. michael could you e-mail me at hahahahaha103@hotmail.com thank you i love you! A POEM MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON " Michael, you saved me from my anger and my pain, Because your voice has touched me like gentle summer rain. Joseph, You make me feel like im going to be ok, evan if i feel i will not make it another day. Jackson, you saved me from my life and my fears, now i do not cry, youve taken away my tears. Michael Joseph Jackson, you make me a better person, as you were from the start, and that is why i call you the King Of My Heart." -Heather

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