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Micheal Jackson Is Amazing!!!!

He is truly an amazing man

Micheal Jackson has been my favourite singer since I was born. I am so happy he has his latest cd out. It is just as good as all his others. He is an amazing singer and a wonderful down to earth man in general. I loved him in Jackson 5 and just as much as he is now. I think he has gotten even better with age and maturity. He was the cutest little kid. He is still a cutie now.
He should make another song with Janet or another one of his siblings. Even a whole album if they all agreed to. He should make a movie with all his family. Or he should have a tv show. I saw his "Micheal Jackson Ghosts" If not a tv show another mini movie like that. I think he should make more music videos I love watching him dance and sing.
I hope he has a full concert tour sometime soon and sing songs from all his cds. His concert would be the best concert ever. It has been six years for a cd,a single,a video,an appearence of any kind. I would love for him to come to toronto at least.
Micheal Jackson we missed your style. Thanx from the bottom of my heart for making another cd. I wish you the best of luck on yor cds and videos to come!!! :)

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