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The world's greatest entertainer!

Hey MJ fans!In this page I'm going to give you my favorite MJ lyrics.
Wanna Be Startin Somethin: Chorus: Wanna be startin somethin, you got to be startin somethin, I said you wanna be startin somethin. It;s too high to get over(yeah yeah) too low to get under (yeah yeah) you're stuck in the middle(yeah yeah), and the pain is thunder (yeah yeah)Verse 1:I took my baby to the doctor, with a fever but nothing he found. By the time this hit the streets, they said she had a breakdown. Someone's always tryin to start my baby cryin, talkin, squeelin, lyin. sayin you just wanna be startin somethin. Chorus. Verse 2:You love to pretend that your good, when you're always up to no good, you really can't make him hate her, untill her tounge became a razor. Someone's always tryin to start my baby cryin. Treacherous, crunnin, declinin, you got my baby cryin. Chorus. Verse 3: Billie Jean is always talkin, when nobody else is talkin, tellin lies and rubbin shoulders, so they called her mouth a motor, someone's always tryin to keep my baby cryin. Talkin squeelin, spyin, sayin you just wanna be startin somethin. Chorus. Ad lib: If you can't feed your baby (yeah yeah) Then don't have a baby (yeah yeah) And don't think maybe(yeah yeah) If yoy can't feed your baby (yeah yeah) You'll be always tryin, to stop that child from cryin, hustlin stealin lyin, now my baby's slowly dyin. Chorus. Ad lib: Lift your head up high, And scream out to the world, I know I am someone, And let the truth unfurl, No one can hurt you now, because you know what's true, Yes I believe in me, so you believe in you, help me sing it. Ma me se, ma me sa, ma me ma coo sa...
I have that and many more if you would like!
Michael has fly moves, great songs, rockin concerts, and a great heart! What more could he ask for?
E-mail me with your favorite MJ song and I'll put it on the page for you!
The poll for this week is: What MJ music video is your fav?
Right now the polls are saying The Way You Make Me Feel
Vote now!!!

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