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I CAN NOT IMAGINE 1900-2000 WITHOUT MICHAEL JACKSON,FOR SURE MANY OF US WILL BE LOST IN THIS PLANET.When I need energy,fight sadness the best remedy is anything from Michael:music,reading,a video,a picture.In 1992 I decided go in business I rented 5000 sq feet and I was lost in the middle of downtown miami with a wonderful name in my business: GIFT FROM GOD. I rented the place unknowing what to do,I took my VCR,TV,and CD player,I put the name: GIFT FROM GOD, and started painting and cleaning,the people asking what will be in here?: a church?,Gift from God? and music and video of MJ,I was full of energy I start asking the people what will be good in there,they made the business dancing as Michael and singing: a very smart lady asked me...how much you have to go on business I said nothing just the rent... and she said keep Michael video running and make a consignment store...I runned an ad in the newspaper only saying: Consignment store 2302 NE 2nd ave,5 days later the store was full of clientes and merchandise and michel singing and dancing... thanks Michael!! You had been my only superstar respecting the Beatles,everytime somebody say something bad I only say: do not point finger...if you want to make this world a better place take a look to yourself and make a change... We must look the world for the positive side or we will be alone in the planet...everybody got something to offer just get the best part...When I arrived NY for first time...no english... people were running so fast that I can not ask a word in english, I did not have another choice that talk to the dirtiest man in 5th avenue a homeless man with excellent pronunciation in english,he never realized he was teaching me street english but he waited for me at the same time for 6 month in my break time 1-2 pm,I never forgot bring him 5 dollars and a lunch,he talked to me slowly and perfect english: My blessing for this man. he was the only that have a minute to share with me,no rush,no comments,no questions ...EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER. EVEN THE MURDER HAS A FRIEND! KEEP LOVING!~

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