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MJ rocks our world

Michael Jackson is by far the greatest entertainer on the planet. If anyone disagrees with that then they have a probalem. Michael Jackson earned his title as King of Pop, with his music, inovative short films and wonderful stage performances. Michael Jackson has already proven his greatness to everyone. Because we all know he's the greatest entertainer to ever step foot on stage. He showed everyone that you don't have to be a follower, because he set new standerds as far as music videos and fashion trends.
Michael Jackson has also proven his greatness by being a very sucessful and powerful person but still helping the needy all around the world. Not only is this a man with a huge talent but also is a man with a huge heart and we just love him for that even more. HE is a perfectionist and a very hard worker and that to me is greatness. To me Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop. He's THE KING. Really he has given his whole life to his fans and to performing. It's something he loves and when someone loves what there doing thier doing thier going to give there best. Michael Jackson has done that. No matter what the media says about Michael Jackson I will always love him. He's the GREATEST period!!

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