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Michael jackson's love children


i loved michael jackson so much, when i was 6 year old i watched my first video was billie jean and i began love it and starting intrested in michael jackson. no one could just like him, he loves the children all the world the children love him back from michael's love for them and when he was on childhood he had no good memory from his father like make him do right and there is been no birthdays and christmases for jackson 5 that's why he loves the children so much i know he is good father to prince michael joseph jackson jr and paris katherine jackson, they are 4 and 5 year old now. i had dreams about him a lot because i always wished that he's my dad and whether want to performing with him on stage and singing together. so i know a lots fans wished could meet him too but you have to hold your dreams and it might come true! and i want to say in 1993 there's been stupid lies about him and he didn't want fans to believe what he did but he didn't do that i believed him, once i saw on tv he said "don't treat me like criminal because i'm innocent" and my tears was streaming running down my creeks and i cried and cried and saying "why they do that to him" i found realized why they to that because they hated him because he is handsome, very famous,and good man. i hope you would understand about him and believe him and we need love from him he would love us back again i know he loves us still."michael, i love you very much and i thanked you for do for us and loves us i will never forget you and you're our guardian angel and god bless you i love you biggest fan Theresa Merryweather

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