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Michael-worlds greatest dad

Michael Jackson: Well what can one say? He has been given the title of The King Of Pop for a reason, that reason is that he is the greatest most talented entertainer of all time. Not only does he posses an incredible, unique dancing and songong ability, no,there are many other posotive things to say about htis living legend. He is polite, sensetive, kind, generous, and unselfish. He supports 39 charities, and constantly has sick and even dying children with their heartbroken families staying at his house. If you only had a few days left to live, wouldnt you love to spend your last moments with your ultimate idol? Michael does his best to ensure atleast some children die knowing they are loved and wanted in the world. Michael is also a father of three himself, and I'm sure that he is the perfect father for these lucky children, Prince 5, Paris 4, and little Prince Michael 5 months, live with their dancing daddy in The Neverland Valley Ranch, Los Olivios. I am sure they will love their father, Michael Joseph Jackson, as much as he loves them and the children of the worl, whom he has created a charity for: HEAL THE KIDS. Michael, you are a blessing. You were created by God to love and to give and to be unselfish and to make the worl a better place. I love you with all of my heart.

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