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The Way He Makes Us Feel!

The Man In The Mirorr!

Michael Jackson the way he makes us feel! Every one knows what Michael is most known for...right? If you don't you might want to figure it out...and when you know e-mail me k? Because I don't know all I have figured out is that he is TOTALY cool!
The first time I saw Michael was when he appeared with *NSYNC at the 2001 VMA's! Every one knows that Michael is no match for them he wins looks, talent, and personality hands down! I mean come on all of *NSYNC's members are kind of...well...how can I say this nicely? I can't! Ugly, none talented, and dumb! (except for Lance) But thats another story!
If there is anyone out there that is even close to being as obbsessed as I than e-mail me! ;-)
Did anyone see the updated Michael jackson 30th anaversary special on Wed. 9, 2002? If you did.....what is up with Britney's voice? I mean come on if you have that bad of voice WITH the digitizer, than your REAL voice must be tarible! Well her's is! I mean come on she doesn't even come close to what Michael is capable of performing with! And what was with that slinky see through dress she was wearing? But other than that the perfomance was GR-8!

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