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Hi my name is Quay I'm 14 years old and I live and was born in New York City. I love Michael Jackson to death. Michael Jackson is the most talented human being on the face of this earth. Any real M.J. fan will agree with me. Just because he is so talented and so cute. He loves to help people and that is what I really admire about him. He has such sympathy for the sick and homeless and we need more people like that in this screwed up world. More BLACK people like that. I love Michael Jackson so much, not only because of his music and dancemoves but because of the person that he is inside and that person inside there is so beautiful. My biggest dream is to meet Michael Jackson one day and tell him how much I love him. But sometimes I feel like he knows deep down inside that I love him, even though he doesn't even know that I excist. My favorite Michael Jackson video is " Stranger In moscow." Only because when I see it, It makes me think about things. And it makes me feel calm and peaceful. My favorite Michael Jackson song is, we'll one of my favorite M.J. songs is " She's Out of My life." The harmony and melody in that song is so beautiful, his singing is so beautiful. He's just a beautiful person and I love him no matter what the press might say about him. I remember in one of Michael's interviews he said that he doesn't know why the press singles him out, out of everyone else and I think he knows why. Michael has been in this business his whole entire life. Since he was five years old and we've watched him grow up. So as he got older he started changing, mostly in his face. And people could'nt believe it, it was shocking. So I think that was a good way for the press to make some money. But the scary thing about it was that he kept changing, It never stopped. And that is what makes people think that he is wierd. People started to think that he didn't even like being black. And that was very hurtful espeacially to Michael's black fans. I still think he's a beautiful person and I will always love you Michael. Your TRUE fan Quay.

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