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He Is Truly Invincible

OK People!!!! This is from Michael Joseph Jackson's #1 TRUE BIGGEST FAN!!! I love Michael Jackson so very much!!! He has influenced so much..... I've listened to his music and have loved him for the past 8 years!!!!!!!! I am so happy that he came back with his new album...as a matter of fact...I'm listening to it right now!!!!!!!!! I love Michael!!!!!! Sometimes I even cry myself to sleep because all i want to do is meet him...I just want to hug him and kiss him on the cheek! To me he is the greatest person in this universe and any other universe there could possibly be...I checked out all the books on him that I could find in the library and saved every picture of him that I could find on the computer...at school all I do is write down the lyrics to his songs on a sheet of paper...today I was writing the lyrics to Heaven Can Wait on my notebook...My birthday is in 2 days...my greatest birthday wish is to meet Michael in person...if I met him then I wouldn't need anything else in this world ever again! I would be able to breathe without oxygen! Everynight I pray that I get to meet him one day soon...My hobbies are listening to Michael Jackson, watching Michael Jackson movies, videos, and marathons...I LOVE MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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