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Michael Jackson is THE King! Whoever doesn't like him that may be your choice but I don't know why ya wouldn't!

I LOVE Michael Jackson! Don't believe all the bad stuff it isn't true. Give him a chance. He Rules!!

I think Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, Rock, Soul and everything else.Michael is the sweetest person alive.He's pure goodness.He loves this world and all the people in it.All he does is try to make this world a better place.I'm with Michael, I wanna make this world a better place and I'm sure all his other fans do too.If we try to be like Michael we can make this world a better place.I also think Michael music is the best there has ever been or will be!He has toped every artist in his and beatin his own records numerous times.I have his Thriller and Bad CDs and I'm going to get the rest. I have tons of pictures too!Anyway, Michael to me, is an angel.He lives for us kids and looks at this world through the innocent eyes of a child. I love him.He really helped me feel good about myself and feel like life was worth living. Especially with his song you are not alone. Now I always feel like he's right there with me.Michael has helped so many people worldwide.Show your love for him. Don't be ashamed of him.Tell the world about Michael and be there for him. I am. I LOVE you Michael. Sincerely, Stephanie Stevens

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