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Everyone thinks they know him.Maybe you do maybe ya don't.Everytime ya think you do he'll give you more. He's the man in the mirror!

Michael Jackson Is the Sexiest man alive! No one can ever compare to him. He's the best and I love him 4eva!!

I think Michael deserves some major credit and praise! He's done eveything a person can possibly do. He's reached astonishing hieghts, and has captivated the hearts of billions worldwide. No one has ever been as famous as Michael, and no one has captivated audiences longer.He has one more awards than any artist in history. He is in the Genus book of world records and has been inducted into the rock&roll hall of fame twice. He is the youngest artist to ever be inducted.His album Thriller is the largest selling album of all time selling over 50 million copies. It's still selling today. Thriller had seven top ten hits, and gave Michael sevens Grammy awards in one night. His movies were beyond astonishing. They opened the doors for artist today. Michael is unique and all his does is something no one has ever done before. No offense but the singers now day are all the same and have no style of their own. Their music videos are all about them just sitting in a room and singing their song. Michael movies were like little mini movies. They had a story line. So it made you wanna dance but you wanted to follow along at the same time.He has never been topped by anyone. He NEVER will. Michael was accused of many things such as mollesting a 13 year old.That was never proven. What really happened was the boys father was jealous of how the boy liked Michael better than him so he tried to ruin him. He drouged his son with a drug that makes people say false things so his son would make the allegation.Anyway he didn't do it. The only things you should believe are the good things because they're all that's ever true. Michael is an amazing person. People have pushed him away by saying all those mean things about him. If you didn't notice he hardly smiles anymore. He said he's probably the most miserable person you'll ever meet because of all the bad things people have said. So give him a chance. Remember, never judge a book by it's cover. Well I hope I've given people a little bit of an idea of what Michael Jackson is like. He's the best person in the world and I'll always be his forever devoted fan. I LOVE you Michael!!! Always.

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