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The Greatest

The King of Pop, Rock, and Soul

What Can I say about The Invincible Man of music??? Nothing really? His career says it all!! From what I have seen, I have NEVER seen anyone more successful in music, or dance, or songwriting as Michael Jackson. Through the years he has shown what it takes to be the very best! It takes hard work, dedication, and of course his unending talent!
With each song, and video he does he shows us his artistic ability. This poem that I have written SORT OF summarizes how I, and every other Michael fan feels about him: The King of Pop With a glove in one hand. shiny as can be, and a hat upon his head, greatness is upon him, anyone can see. The crowd rises with excitement, for this mysterious man, he looks to the humongous crowd, trying to make contact with every fan. His songs begin with a boom, everyone cheers and leaps for joy, he dances like no one else, his moves are imitated by every girl and boy. Wo is this man we think of that makes our heartbeat stop? We all know who he is he is The King of Pop. Through the years we've known him, as a thrilling show stopper, who makes moves like no other, and wouldn't harm a thing, not even a grasshopper. He's helped children all around the world, with nothing in return and weeps for their misfortune, from his actions we shall learn. From "Off the Wall" to "Invincible", they are many years apart, and through those years he has shown us that he is a work of art. Who is this man we think of that makes our heartbeat stop? We all know who he is, he is The King of PoP!! I LOVE U MICHAEL!! Dedicated to the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul: Michael Joseph Jackson!

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