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Michael Jackson Is the best

He's cool

Hi this is Kay's page MJ is so cool! Im just repesenting the African American MJ when he was making Thriller So He FINE! If you didn't know buy now Yes I am his color not his dieses color his old time color.As yall shawtys and folks might know I am repesenting Dirty South Since I am from South Carolina! And I am also repenting Eastside since he is from the east and If you dont know we blacks today is suspenious on what side u come from but hey I am just a preteen so I think it is Nice what he does for kids and from 1993 that boy named Joey who put him in court for abused, YOU CAN GO TO HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! AND YOU JUST HATIN ON ABROTHER CAUSE YO FAMILY POOOR THAT'S WHY U SUEING HIM BUT IT AINT KNOW DEAL CAUSE HE NEEDS TO LOOSE SOME MONEY AND LATOYA CAN GET A LIFE CAUSE U SHO ANIT GONNA BE HIS MINI ME BEING ON THAT DUMB SMART BEHIND BOY SIDES U JUST HATIN TOO CAUSE YO DADDY JOE ABUSED HIM AND HE CHEATED ON YO MAMA AND NOW U GOT A HALF SISTA! Who let me calm down but anyway be cool!

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