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go Michael!!!


Michael is the best. He has been around since the age of 5 years old!!! I'am sure that there is not one person in the world that hasn't heard of michael!!!he is the greatest entertainer,singer and dancer. He knows how to impress people and make them happy!!! If you go to his concert you deffentaly wont be dissapointed for what you paid for!!! he always suprises you like the time he preformed on motown 25 and did the moonwalk for the first time!!! nobody could do what he could do!!!I know that he is now ugly,but the reason why he got the surgerys is because he was unhappy with himself when he was a teenager, he didnt like the way his face looked especaily his nose. He is now in his early 40's and he could still do what he did when he was 5 without missing a step!! now who do you know that could do that? I guess not having a childhood and having a very strict dad paid off!!! Thank god for Katherine and Jophsove jackson!!!Michael jackson is a ledgend! He is so good that nobody could even try to explain! I'am sure that I'am just putting words into your mouth and not telling you something you already dont know!!! please,if you read my page,e-mail me and let me know what you think of my page!!!

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