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Michael Jackson:The voice of truth


In words I want to say to the fans about Michael Jackson...I've admire this man since the day when I was born as much I had so much learning from him and know how to be like him and what he did on the stage...he grew up on stage and working since his childhood and got beaten from his father which was horrible for me to feel so bad how he lost his own childhood and mine...everything what I read from his truth messages and I love to listen this man.I've know so much information about him in the book that I've, the book called Approved by the king of pop MICHAEL JACKSON:The visual documentary by Adrian Grant and Michael! by Steven Bego.I've read this book all over again to understand but I do understand him since I was 12.Let me tell u my own childhood that I lost myself as a child...I went to school that ones really not helpful with my work and help me with my education and I had really bad trouble with the staff at the dorm and the kids would so ugly to me and talking about me behind my back so badly...sometimes stalked me and my own mother not really get care of me,and I couldn't go out as much like other kids and had no friends...My memories of my childhood was not great..sometimes I would cry about my childhood and Michael Jackson's too.The same way how I and he feels...we know that we can't go back and change our childhood to make better.So please listen to Michael Jackson more. love, Theresa Merryweather

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