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This page is dedicated to Michael and his fans. We all love you Michael! Especially me!!

Look at Mike and Prince.He's such a good father.How could anyone accuse him of child abuse and people believe it? By the way he was proven innocent!

This page is for Michael and all his fans. I am his biggest fan, and yes everyone says that but we're all his #1 fans. Anyway I want to say what I know his fans want to say to him, about him, and in his defense. You may not believe it but some of his fans can't tell the world how they feel about Michael.Michael is an incredible person and I've written many things about him so if you wanna read those check out my other pages {www.mjsite.com/fans/The One & Only.html, www.mjsite.com/fans/Simply Michael.html, www.mjsite.com/fans/The Legend,The King.htnl, www.mjsite.com/fans/The Man In The Mirror.html}Yes I have 4 more not including this one. What can I say, I LOVE Michael and I have lot's to say about him, and lot's to say in his defense. No offense but alot of these pages really suck. People just put like two or three words and a picture and call it a web page. Anyway, I'm going to say what some fans can't say. We [the fans] really love Michael and appreciate will overflowing love all he does for us.He has inspired many of us to live our lives and not lose all hope.He has given us something to live for, and has touched us emotionally and anyway a person can be touched.No we don't mean he physically put his hands on us in any bad ways.If he did touch us physically it was only by hugging us, and believe us everyone loves to be hugged.Michael has done what no ones ever done before and that's one reason why he's so succsesful.But mainly because what he does touches everyone and he does with all his heart and soul.It's what he loves.That's all he really knows is music and entertainment.It's his life, and he lives for his fans, family, his children, and all the children in the world.When the critics said his more recent albums such as Dangerous, HIStory, and Blood on the dancefloor were total flops compared to his earlier work.Well I'm sure the fans don't agree with that. The critics deemed Blood On The Dancefloor a complete failure, but it is the largest selling remix album of all time.His fans love (all) of his work.We love him for who he is, and we don't judge him.Yes he may have had a couple of plastic surguries, but only 2. Why don't the critics say anything about the other celebrities? Everyone in Hollywood has had platic surgery to sojme extent.So why should Michael be segregated into this little group where everyone is against him?I mean did you people see Jennifer Lopez in her earlier years? She had her whole face restructured and had liposuction.No on say anything about her! I truely see it as excruciatingly unfair.Many say Michael bleached his skin, when he's told everyone, even on TV, millions of times it's a disease called vitiligo. This disease causes you to lose the color pigmentation of your skin.Michael has already lost over 80% of his color pigments.He has to use lot's of makeup to cover up the blotches.Many fans have seen on tour he has blotches on his arms and around his ears.And he still has blotches on his inner thighs.He didn't bleach his skin that ludicris!He's said plenty of times he is incredibly proud of his African American race and if it were up to him he never would've had vitiligo.Michael is a great person.He's beautiful both outside and inside.He's pure goodness.Michael if you ever read this page or any other pages of mine I hope you know that I, and all your fans, love you and are behind you all the way.Michael has something no other star has, truely devoted fans who have stuck with him all the way. They stick with him and defend him at the very start of negative talk about him.Michael has said something to this world, he really wants to make this world a better place.He can hear the cries of our earth, our animals, our children.He knows when someones in pain simply by looking at them. Like he said, he's starting with "The Man In The Mirror". Take his advice. If you wanna make this world a better place take a look at yourself and then make the change.I'm going to do that and I hope you will too.Michael we love you.I Love you. Remember we're here for you. All you Michael fans please try to be there for him.He needs us and our love and support. Well I could write a 100 pages (I'm not joking I would) but you probably don't want to read anymore so I'll stop. I hope I've helped Michael reputation a little. I LOVE you Michael J. Jackson! Sincerely, all my love, and care, Stephanie Stevens

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