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Michael Jackson

The King Of It All!

Hi! My name is Stephanie and this is my page showing my love, appreciation, and dedication to the world's greatest entertainer. Mr. Michael Jackson. He has been an inspiration and role model to me for so many years now. I love Michael. He dances, sings, writes music, poems, and stories, better than anyone in the world. He has always been there for me. Whenever I am sad I listen to his music and it makes me happy. Of course I always listen to his music, but still, you know what I mean. Whenever I lose sight of what really matters. Whenever I forget to appreciate things and not judge people and love everyone, Michael's music helps me remember. He is such a phenominally talented person. It's unbelievable all he has done. I won just about every Michael Jackson item you can think of and I'm a hardcore fan to the end. Yet I don't force my opinions of him on others. If you don't like Michael Jackson, thats your choice, but before you judge him you should have a good reason not to like him. Don't just say you don't like him because of what tabloids have said because that stuff is 99.9% lies anyhow. Don't say you don't like him because he's too old because really he's not. Michael is a wonderful person with not only astonishing talents but a beautiful personality. Everyone has their good qautlities and Michael has many. He's a true humanitarian who loves everyone. He's always trying to help people and the world. He has a honest and sincere love for children. No he never molested any either. The only reason you here so much bashing on Michael is because he's at the top of the list. He's been the most successful artist for over 30 years. He's won more awards than any other artist in history so I guess they have to make up something about him for a story. Obviously they would shave to make something up since he's never done anything bad. Well, I love Michael and he's my idol. Whatever feelings you have against him I hope you try and give him a chance and learn some good things about him. Maybe then you'll see why myself, and so many billions of other people love him so much. Bye!

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