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Hmmm... Michael Jackson....

What Can I say?

OK, Michael Jackson has been around for Ages. He's still popular afrter how many years! But, If you have been his fan for a while, you must have notice the change in his face... He claims to have a skin disorder... ( ok, that's reasonable) But why is his nose getting thinner and thinner??? Why is his lips getting thiner and thiner?% Well, Michael Jackson has touched many people's lives, which is more that i can say. So I shouldn't be critisizing him, right???? But, don't you feel sorry for his chlidren??? They have to wear masks everywear, and he holds them above the railings of hotel's balconies to show them to the fans! Sure, he was holding his baby pretty tight, but, would'nt you be scared????% Oh well, just my humble opinion.... Cya next time, Peoples!

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