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Michael Jackson is the king of pop. He always dancing..and dancing..and dancing..until there is an eternal creation. With dancing till there is one dance for the whole thing.
His very talented man with lyrics that no one can even get to touch. His also a very intelligent man. with love,kindness.and he cares about the world. He loves kids,teenagers all ages and adults. Michael goes all around the world to visit all the places.
He helps children who are sick and sometimes carry them to neverland to rides and many more things. Michael jackson don't like people saying bad things about him then making rumors about it.
Michael Jackson is a human like everyone else is. That's not good to say bad things about michael Jackson and the family that's bad. Michael Jackson won a lot of awards in younger years and older years also. Michael Jackson moonwalk likes his moving on ice arcoss the stage.
Michael Jackson doesn't care what people think about him. He knows what comes from the heart all the time. Michael has the heart like a god with love, kindness and hopes for everyone around the world.
Michael Jackson loves his mother and father and brothers and sisters.Michael Jackson is a human of kind and a mankind with love and kindness that anyone can't take that for him.

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