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Hey people Michael said so there's plenty more to come. We ain't seen nothin yet!

Michael's days aren't over. Never will be. He'll live forever!

Hey people! It's me again, Stephanie Stevens. Yes, this is my 6th page. What can I say? I love Michael! Anyway, do you people remeber the 2000 music awards? Well, remember Michael last line, You ain't seen nothin yet? He's right we haven't. Michael Jackson is a genious and we haven't heard the last of him. We never will. Michael has made so many hits it incredible. No one has ever been as succsesful. He's done so many things, accomplished so much, and is just such an amazing peron it's almost as if he's not real. But I assure you people he's real. As real as the eyes in your head. He's is simply astonishing! We all Love him. Especially me. I love to write about him. Hey, you people should try to write a little more on your pages. I mean you call yourselves fans but you hardly write anything to praise him or defend him. So come on I know you can do better than that. Now back to Michael. He's a really sweet person, and he has so much to offer. He deserves the respect of everyone in this world. After all, he works mainly to make the world happy and make the world a better place. So yes go ahead and "Remember the time" when Michael was the only thing people ever talked about. Go ahead and "Smile" at all his earlier days. But try to think about who he is now. He's trying so hard to make people happy and give them more. I mean his older albums were great they were more popular than any other in history. Think about how hrad it would be for you to top yourself if you were him. His past sometimes seems to haunt him. Everyone looks at his previous work and compares it to his newer works. Don't do that. All of his work is full of magic, excitement, and love. His new works are just as good as his old, and when you people compare his old to his new it's hard on him. I mean he has to go back to those recording studios and beat his brains out trying to do better than the last time. Think how hard that would be for you. Why don't you people try putting yourself in his shoes? Yes his incredibly famous and filthy rich, but money and fame isn't everything. Think of how miserable he is. Just because you have money and doesn't mean you're happy. So why don't we all "Come Together" to help Michael and be there to love and support him. Remember "We Are The World" and if we wanna help "Heal The World" then we have to work together.Remember Michael didn't have a "Childhood" and his trying to live it out now so don't judge him for having kids as friends. If you thinks it's "Bad" or wierd that his friends are little kids why don't you think about how the kids feel. Kids can bond with grown ups and anyone very easily. Alot of his child friends really cherish their friendship with Michael and really like him alot. So give him a chance. Like he said "Before you judge me, try hard to love me". Why don't you try and do that? If you think his fans are wierd because they like him why don't you find out why they like him? He's a great person and maybe you'll learn a thing or two. Don't judge people by what you've read or heard ok. So try talking to a Michael Jackson fan and you'll perhaps understand why we love him so much. We LOVE you Michael!! I LOVE you always!!!!!!

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