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leave him alone!

michael's stolen childhood

I am so fed up with the press and tabloids, cant they see what they are doing to michael!, i know there are people out there that agree with some of the statements about him, but there are alot of people as we know that think 'leave him alone!'. Michael has had a hard, hard life and people are taking him for granted, michael has been an inspiration to millions of people all his 'life' has when he performs hes not doing it for himself he is doing it for 'us' he may have the money but it compares in no way to 'love' michael may not be fully on this earth but he just loves to show that he loves everyone on this planet, can anyone tell me that it is wrong to not want war and conflict on earth?. And so what if he has had operations on his face! its up to him, just remember that he is just human and stop invading on his privacy, he needs his own life from the spotlight, i just pray that people out there realise that he hasnt had a normal childhood and he will never have a normal one, i think and know that he is the greatest artist on this planet and will live and inspire people forever! please think about what i have said! thanx

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