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stop hate'n!mj's kewl!

stop hate'n on Mike!he's kewl!thanx 2 all the ppl who appriciate wut he did/does 4 the world.& for those of u ppl,who don't know anything about him & make fun of him need,2 get a life!a lota ppl make fun of his skin color & his nose.well,4 1 thing,mj never bleached his skin!that would cause skin cancer!he had a desease called vitiligo.it destroy's the pigmentation in ur skin.& if u don't know wut that means,it destroys the things in ur skin that gives u ur color.even white ppl can get it.mj uses a BUNCH of make-up 2 cover up the bloches of black skin.& about his nose,he gets the nose job 2 please no1 but himself.so why do yall care?it's not hurt'n u!it's not ur nose!so why r u complaining?& about the tabloids,i agree w/ mj.he once said that all the tabloids in the world need 2 be destroyed!i totally agree!u here about how celebs murder ppl,molest ppl,get pregnant,i could go on 4ever!it's only the stupid tabloids!NEVER listen 2 them!it's junk!

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