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welcome to my Michael Jackson site

Michael Jackson is such a hotty!!!!!

I just love Michael Jackson 's music he is such a wonder dancer singer actor father brother son friend husband and the hotest man alive. I hope one day I get to see Michael Jackson in person and talk with him and spend time with him and get a hug from him and an autograp. if anyone dares me to kiss him infront of the camera I will. I dream write sing dance listen look watch buy talk think about Michael all the time. I am one of his biggest most hugest fans in the world. I love like and care about Michael Jackson alot and very much. I hate it when people talk bad about him the statements they say about him are not true.Who talks bad about Michael Jackson infront of my face I will stick up for Michael. Michael I hope to see you soon I hope you'll read my homepage. You inspire me alot and I admire you alot. you are my favoritest artist and person in the entire world. I do hope that one day my dreams do come true. I 'm very so obessed and I have a crush on Michael Jackson. I just love Michael Jackson and his family alot they are the greatest artist and family in the world. I love you Michael Jackson I hope to see you very soon. Your Biggest Fan Ever Belinda PS: I hope you read my home and send me an email Michael Jackson KING OF POP !!!! keep on singing and dancing cause I love the way you move and I love your vocal voice I hope to see you on tv soon again. LOVE YOU LOTS AS A FAN.

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