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*~^U ROCK MY WORLD...Michael!!!!!!!!!!!^~*

UR BOOTIFUL....no matter wot!

Michael Jackson...or, my bootiful babe! i luv u sooo much...! to everyone...mike has a bootiful voice, kind heart and the best dance movez..i have eva seen! no-one will out stand him...! ppl say his style is old...and he dus the same thing ova and ova agen..well firstly its coz ppl like me...think he is gr8 and secondly ..wot would u think if he came on stage and started rappin like eminem!?! u would be like...^WEIRD^..anotha thing...mike isnt weird...trust me.... most ppl dont like mj coz they know their friends or anyone..will think they r weird...or stupid! i get teased everyday coz of it...but i dun care..coz i know the truth bout mike! he is not a child molester..and he cares for everyone..! and by the way 2 u all who think he bleachez his skin..Its called VITILIGO! believe it! i always say this...***dont accuse him juz coz u dont have the guts to believe him*** ***wisi***

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